Company Name: Value momentum Software Services Private Limited

Location: Hyderabad

Interview Date: 24th July,10

Duration: NA

Position: Sr. Test Engineer

Experience: NA

Sent By: Sanjay

This is Sanjay,here i am providing date and location

Date: 24 July
Location: Value momentum Software Services Private Limited
Plot No. 1, Sagar Society,

Road No. 2, Banjara Hills,

Hyderabad – 500 034 AP (India)


  1. Could you brief about your current project?
  2. What are the requirements you got for your project?
  3. How do you got this requirements?
  4. In which module you are involved?
  5. What is the bug tracking tool you are using?
  6. What is the difference between bug tracking tool and bug management tool?
  7. How will you find duplicate bugs in QC?
  8. How many defects did you find for this module?
  9. From past three days what you been doing in the organization?
  10. What is cyclomatic complexity?

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