Here are the interview Questions asked at Capgemini Pune. We are providing possible Answers list for your reference. Thanks to Murthy for sending these questions and his experience at the interview.

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  1. What is Log sheet? and what are the components in it?
  2. what are the types of priority and severity?
  3. Give me some example for high severity and low priority defect?
  4. Imagine a form with 2 check boxes, 2 list boxes, 2 combo boxes & 2 integer fields. If i want you to write Test cases for this form, how much time it will take and how many cases will you be able to generate?
  5. What is positive and negative testing.Explain with example?
  6. What is meant by the Logical name of the object?


1. A log sheet is generally a defect Report.Server logs are also attached to the defect,for the developers to check ,what is the behavior of the Application, request and response of the remote server when the defect has occurred.By reading that log sheet,a programmer or developer can understand,why that defect has occurred.This log sheet consists of lines of code according to the series of events that made the defect to occur.

2. Priority: How fast the bug should be resolved.
Severity: How badly it effected the application.

P1 –> Fatal ————- S1 –> Critical
P2 –> Major ————- S2 –> High
P3 –> Minor ————- S3 –> Medium
P4 –> Suggestion ———S4 –> Low

3. If suppose the title of the particular concern is not spelled correctly, it would give a negative ICICC is spelled as a title for the project of the concern ICICI.then it is a high severity, low priority defect.

4. These questions are called dynamic questions and you need to be spontaneous to answer this type of questions. Just draw the form immediately on a paper and tell the approximate time of 5 – 7 min and 8 – 10 test cases.

5. Positive Testing – testing the system by giving the valid data.
Negative Testing – testing the system by giving the Invalid data.
For Exam application contains a textbox and as per the user’s Requirements the textbox should accept only Strings. By providing only String as input data to the textbox & to check whether its working properly or not means it is Positive Testing. If giving the input other than String means it is negative Testing.

6. An object’s logical name is determined by its class. In most cases, the logical name is the label that appears on an object.

These are just some of the questions we received. Once again thanks to Murthy for sending & helping the people here. Happy Testing..!